Entertaining young audiences around the world

for over a decade!

August Media creates and distributes high-quality entertainment for Kids and Young audiences worldwide. Over the last decade, the company has crossed many milestones and is now counted among the top media companies of South East Asia. The company boasts a library of some global iconic titles that are currently on air in more than 100 countries worldwide. August Media are the creators and producers of Dino Girl Gauko (a Netflix Original), Skyblue Academy (a collaboration with the Manchester City Football Club - coming soon), George of the Jungle (an iconic American comedy classic) and many others. August Media’s titles have been critically acclaimed, winning several Asian TV Awards, Asian Academy Creative Awards and Emmy Award nominations. And we boast a multi-cultural, international team of creative, technical and support specialists.

Filmed Content

August Media strives to identify and work with talent from around the world to create, develop and produce shows with unique perspectives and sensibilities, yet with emotion and humour that transcends borders. To support and realize the vision of the project, we pull together and manage the best possible team regardless of where they are. We’ve worked with talent on every continent except Antarctica.

Digital Content

POP TV delivers blockbuster movies, classic movies, K-dramas, anime and more. Beebly - a Knowledge and Reading platform is currently undergoing public trials in two cities in the Philippines in collaboration with local governments. Our Mobile Casual Games platform - Perya Perya is now in closed beta with an expected launch date in June 2021.

In recent years, August Media has taken substantial effort in creating platforms that can deliver entertainment, education and game content to the mass market populations in emerging markets. It has focussed on creating multiple technologies and processes that take into account the unique operating conditions related to inequitable data access, affordability, payment channels and cultural habits in South East Asia. We believe that this region's high digital device population is quite underserved with the wide spectrum of digital services.  August Media’s VOD platform in the Philippines - POP TV - has already crossed 700,000 users in less than 6 months of its operations. The service is also taking substantial strides in redefining delivery models of VOD in price-sensitive markets. Our edutech and knowledge delivery platform - Beebly - is being pilot tested in schools in the Philippines in collaboration with some city governments and the national department of education in the Philippines. August Media’s soon-to-launch online mobile arcade platform is poised to serve millions of digital device owners throughout South East Asia.