A Decade Long Journey

... and just getting started!

August Media opens up investment arm

August Media and Philippine’s Synergy88 Media started AMSYN88 Animinvest (later renamed as Big Crunch Entertainment) a private equity funding company to invest into animation properties.


We are especially excited as Ella Bella Bingo makes its debut on home turf, Singapore.

Ella Bella goes to Multiple Territories

The popular Singaporean-Norwegian animated series "Ella Bella Bingo" has been licensed to Indonesia, Ireland, Turkey and Taiwan.

Ella Bella travels to the Middle East

Singapore-based August Media Holdings sells Season One of its popular preschool animated series, "Ella Bella Bingo", to Doha, Qatar-based Al Jazeera Children’s Channel Jeem TV.

This agreement gives JCC exclusive Arabic language rights over "Ella Bella Bingo" in the Middle East and North African countries.


Ella Bella Bingo gets a new distributor

August Media has teamed with Cake for international distribution of preschool series "Ella Bella Bingo". It is also understood that NRK has ordered an additional 52 episodes of the show ahead of delivery of the second 26x7mins season to the Norwegian public broadcaster.


August sells off Red Kite

On 12 April 2013, August Media sells off Red Kite Animation

Teletoon Commissions new Season of GOTJ

Jay Ward’s classic animated series "George of the Jungle" will continue to swing into action thanks to a new season of the show commissioned by Teletoon Canada and produced by Singapore’s August Media Holdings and Ottawa-based Chocolate Moose Media, and will be distributed by DreamWorks Classics.


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